Share MySQL via Dropbox

a sort of tutorial

I’m working on a application called "photo enhancer". Because I have two computers, I shared the SQLite database through Dropbox. As number of pictures stored in the DB grew, I needed a better database and switched to MySQL. In this post, I want to share my solution of how to setup your MySQL to be shared through Dropbox.


Am I fluent in English?

Fun with Language

Ever wondered how you would know when you are fluent in a foreign language? 


Since a few days, I know I’m fluent in English.


Versions of German

Fun with Language

Ever wondered why German speaking people do not understand each other?

You can compare this issue to the difference between British English and American English - just worse, because usually neither part of the conversation knows about the issue and both think they are speaking «proper» German.


Paprika vs Peperoni

Fun with Language

Today, I want to tell you how difficult it can be to order food. "Paprika" and "Peperoni" have reversed meanings if you cross the border between Switzerland and Germany.

I didn’t know about the difference until I was in my twenties and had always awk-ward conversations while ordering food.



Fun with Language

«Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache» 

German language is a difficult language.


Yes, German is difficult and a lot of fun! 

Today, I want to share how "Urinsekten" can refer either to two or six leg creatures and/or something normal or gross, depending on how you read it.


Book Review

Fast Python by Chris Conlan

I wrote a small review of this great and well written Python book "Fast Python - master the basics to write faster code" by Chris Conlan.

I really enjoyed reading it and learned a few thinks while during it. Therefore, I recommend it to anyone who is interested in this topic.


Speech to Text

 Balzano Informatik AG

I was asked to write some general blog posts about different NLP topics. This is the third one:


An overview how machines are translating human speech into written text.


Natural Language Interface for Database

 Balzano Informatik AG

I was asked to write some general blog posts about different NLP topics. This is the second one:


A non-technical explanation why we would love to have natural language interfaces for databases, and why we are not there yet.


Machine Translation

Balzano Informatik AG

I was asked to write some general blog posts about different NLP topics. This is the first one:


Why it is important to have a customized model if you are using machine translation in your company.


"A small change for a word,
but a big change for the lemmatizer"

Balzano Informatik AG

During my studies I was told that a good lemmatizer uses PoS tags (and vica versa). A few weeks ago, I saw first hand what the impact is if the lemmatizer does not use PoS-tags in German.

Because it was a quite interesting finding, I wrote a blog post about it!


dict() versus {}

Python provides two different ways to create a dictionary: dict() and {}.

I prefer dict() when creating empty dictionaries to improve readability.


In this post, I want to check the performance across different usages and not only initialization.


Can you shorten everything?

Balzano Informatik AG

Finally, a new NLP blog post!


This time I wrote about the challenges of lists of compositions: a great invention to shorten your lists, but really painful during automated analysis.


Performance of

all() and any()

The built-in functions all() and any()are nice and if the comparison is small, they are easy understandable. But how do they perform? Should we use them at all if our code needs to be fast?


Let me share my findings when I did some performance tests.


Can you come up with another one?

Balzano Informatik AG

I always thought that medical reports have a clear language and use certain, highly specific terms.


Now that I work with radiology reports, I’m amazed with the creativity used to describe a single pathology.


The more the merrier!

Balzano Informatik AG

I started working with radiology reports at Balzano Informatik AG.


I wrote my first NLP blog post where I explain what our task is and which challenges we will have to solve.