Makkuro Kurosuke

Knöpfe aus Fimo

Meine Mutter hat ein Jäckchen für meine Cousine gestrickt - und ich habe die passenden Knöpfe dazu entworfen.

Das Endergebnis? Eine sehr glückliche Cousine!


Bee & Flower

earrings made of Fimo

Wishes and ideas mentioned in passing can quickly come true. At least if you express it to the right person.

Once my cousine mentioned a cute idea for earrings, a few weeks later I was able to surprise her with them.


Totoro Earrings

made of Fimo

in a nutshell:


I wanted to make my cousin happy so I made her Totoro earrings out of Fimo.


Ladybugs Buttons

made of Fimo

made by me

I am currently crocheting an adorable children's jacket that depicts a flower meadow. Of course, it also needs special buttons!


I have modeled my own buttons out of Fimo: cute ladybugs 🐞


Bee Buttons

made of Fimo

made by me

I am currently crocheting a children's jacket in a honeycomb (hexagon) pattern. Of course, it needs equally cute and special buttons to match the jacket.


So, I made sweet daisy buttons out of Fimo and added a little bee on half of them.


Polar Night


Apart from a Christmas star that blooms at Easter, we have no Christmas decoration.

With our newly set up crafting corner and my rediscovered joy in Fimo, I started crafting a polar Christmas diorama in December.


Ghost Chees


I made a personalized ghost chess set for my father using Fimo. They turned out really cute and my father was overjoyed.


Of course, we had to play a round right away, and as expected, he won!



as chopstick holders

and Christmas gift

My mother loves elephants, and she thought my pandas were so cute. So I made her own version: elephants as chopstick holders!

And of course, I wrapped the whole thing as a Christmas present - if you have a good idea at the right time of the year, make the most of it!


Little Bees & Ladybugs

as magnets

Actually, these cute bees and ladybugs are the reason why I started working with Fimo again. When we planned our crafting corner, a magnetic and blackboard wall was also part of it.

Of course, for that, we needed magnets, and not just any magnets!



as brush holder

Our panda brush holders are such a success that we would like to have something similar for the bathroom, where we clean our brushes. The big difference is that there are a lot more brushes lying around in the bathroom. So we needed something bigger: A Tatzelwurm!



as brush holders

When we needed brush holders for our craft corner, it quickly became clear that I would make something for us myself.


In the end, we decided on cute pandas in different poses to hold our brushes.