04. July 2022

While we were in the Tropiquarium, it was as good as empty. A few times we saw other visitors. Only when the lunch time came around, it got more visitors. We ate our lunch there and afterwards we moved on to the zoo. Which was kind of an error, it was crowed, and really loud... The zoo has a beautiful playground which was loudly used by the students. The volume was annoying, even the animals which had the possibility to go into their dens, they did. For example, the polar foxes, skunks and the racoons did hide until it was quieter - which happened around three o'clock. Afterwards, we saw a lot more animals. I'm so happy we decided to stay and hope for quieter times, especially the polar foxes are quite cute and curious! After that, we also waited until the bears were fed. Which was interesting, because the two brown bears had two different strategies: the first eat the apricots whole, and spit out the pip "on the fly". The second bear took the apricot, set it on the stone, broke it open, removed the pip and eat the other parts afterwards.