26. September 2022

The plan was to visit Römerhof in Kloten, Juckerhof in Seegräben, and Bächlihof in Jona. When we read the information about Seegräben, we found out that the parking situation can be difficult. Unfortunately, we had no luck and there were no parking spots available, except in Aathal. What we didn't realize beforehand is that the way down to Aathal is quite steep, and my health condition doesn't allow for such a hike, especially since we had done a lot of other activities during the week and on the same day. So we had to skip Seegräben and go directly to Bächlihof in Jona. Fortunately, we were lucky with the parking there.

We found the two exhibitions we saw to be really cool, and the selection of pumpkins was fantastic! We took three pumpkins with us and are now testing our way through the world of pumpkins.