27. June 2021

City of Thun

June 20th, 2021

The city of Thun is known, among other things, for its castles and two old wooden bridges. The bridges and some of the castles were our stops for sightseeing, as well as everything we could discover along the way.




June 21st, 2021

Blausee (blue lake) is almost famous for its clear and blue water, and infamous for all the disasters you read about. Since we were in the area (thanks to our car, which makes things more accessible), we decided to check out this beautiful lake. And yes, it is truly impressively blue!

However, the "hiking trails" around the lake are poorly signposted, and the accompanying map is hard to read. Yet, it says "Please stay on the paths" - if only we knew which of the beaten paths corresponded to the hiking trail on the stylistic map...




June 21st, 2021

On our way back from Blausee, we took a short break in Wilderswil to visit the Gsteig church - we had already noticed it on the drive to Lauterbrunnen. What is special about it is certainly the old church tower, which is surrounded by a new nave - or at least newly plastered nave.



St. Beatus Caves

June 22nd, 2021

The entrance to the cave system is quite well-known and I have been wanting to capture it on my camera for a while now - I just didn't know it was part of the St. Beatus Caves, otherwise I would have stopped there last year! Better late than never, and for this visit, we allowed ourselves enough time to explore the caves. Definitely impressive, and we were glad we went there on a weekday and with few tourists, otherwise it would have been even more crowded.

The weather in the morning when we arrived...

... and the weather when we came back out.



Zeit & Traum Hotel

One of the decisive reasons for choosing the destination "Lake Thun" was the Zeit & Traum Hotel on Beatenberg. Last year, we stayed there for the first time. The unusual concept with different rooms and room service convinced us last time, especially during the time of Corona. Last time we were in the "Chalet Alpenglut" room, and this time it was a bit more oriental in the "Maharaja Palace" room.