26. April 2014

After a long journey across Switzerland, we arrived in Bellinzona around noon. The hotel was quickly found, the castles sighted in no time - but first, the hunger had to be satisfied!

Afterwards, we walked across the square to the entrance of "Castelgrande": walking along the wall into a rock crevice deep into the rock, and ending up in front of an elevator or stairs. After a careful glance upwards, we decided to walk - it was surely only a few floors... At least 6 floors later, we caught sight of the sun and sat down on the first available stone!







The next morning we packed quickly and went to see the traditional weekly Saturday market. It was different than expected, but still very interesting. Afterwards, we headed to Locarno to visit the falconry - this was a spontaneous detour based on a flyer we found at the hotel. And this tip was brilliant!