17. February 2013

My first trip was from January 25th to February 17th. At the beginning and end of the vacation, we traveled around Ōsaka and its surroundings. In between, we went from Ōsaka to Kyōto, followed by a visit to the deer in Nara and ended with a trip to Toyota and its surroundings.


Ōsaka Aquarium

 January 27th



Ōsaka Port

January 27th




January 31st






Ōsaka Castle

February 2nd and 14th

After enjoying it so much on the first day, we visited the castle again at the end of our trip and admired it during sunset.


Shitennoji Tempel, Ōsaka

February 3rd

At first you search for it, and then it's just there - right in the middle of the city.




Nishi-Honganji Tempel, Kyoto

February 4th

A large temple, visited on a cold and wet day.


Toji Temple, Kyoto

Februar 4th 

Probably a very beautiful place, but unfortunately the weather was pretty bad...



Nijo Castle, Kyoto

February 5th

An impressive castle in the middle of the city.



Shinsen-en Garden, Kyoto

February 5th

A tiny garden inthe midst of a huge city.


Hōryūji Temple, Kyoto

February 6th

An impressive complex, especially when a "horde" of Japanese students stormed the place: despite the huge number, it was still possible to move around freely - you just couldn't cross their path...


Tōdaiji Temple, Nara

February 7zh

One deer, two deer, deer everywhere!

Also known for the largest indoor Buddha statue.


Okazaki Castle, Aichi-ken

February 8th

Nice weather, but a freezing wind...


Inuyama Castle, Aichi-ken

February 10th

And the first signs of spring started to show!


Nambda and Amerika-mura, Ōsaka

The two major shopping streets of Ōsaka.