Zoo Basel

15. März 2024

Im Juni letzten Jahres wurde das neu renovierte Vogelhaus im Zolli Basel wiedereröffnet. Seit dem wollten wir wieder einmal in den Zolli und es uns anschauen.

Jetzt hatte es endlich geklappt, und wir hatten viel Spass bei unserem Besuch.


Zoo Zürich

Eiszeit im Zoo

Aktuell ist im Zoo Zürich eine Sonderausstellung zum Thema Eiszeit: Kaltgestellt


Dabei werden lebensgrosse Eiszeittiere ausgestellt und dazu noch einige Informationen.


Skulpturenweg Trun

Im November sind wir endlich am Rhein entlang den Skultpurenweg Trun entlang spaziert. 

Wunderschöne Landschaft, interessante Skulpturen und ein süsses Rotkehlchen haben es zu einem tollen Ausflug gemacht.


Seleger Moor

Oktober 2023

Wir waren wieder zu Gast beim Park Seleger Moor. Dieses Mal erstrahlt der Park in wunderschönen Herbstfarben - und zusätzlich noch eine Kunstausstellung.

Wie immer bei Kunst: Ein Teil fanden wir toll, und mit dem anderen Teil konnten wir wenig anfangen...


Zoo Zürich

ganz viel süss

Am letzten schönen Herbstwochenende sind wir noch einmal in den Zoo Zürich.


Wir wurden mit Bären auf Nahrungssuche, störrischen Elefanten, einem neugierigen Hyänen-Jungen und süssem Stachelschwein-Nachwuchs belohnt.


Zoo Zurich

our good-by to the snow leopards

We wanted to see the snow leopards before the Zurich Zoo starts its renovation. The weather has been a bit unpredictable lately, so despite the forecast, we gave it a shot... The forecast was accurate and it rained to whole time...


Zoo Zürich

Newborn among the seals

Newborn among the seals: On the 28th of June, a little seal was born, and two weeks later, we admired it.

He is a total cutie, an excellent diver, and also a bit clumsy while swimming!




sweet little village

In a newsletter about "places to see in your region," we came across Kaiserstuhl AG: a small, charming village with a beautiful old town and a castle on the other side.


Zoo Zürich

Playing Gelada baboons and more

On a beautiful day, we went to the zoo. The Gelada baboon young were playfully romping around, and the red ruffed lemurs were busy eating in the Masoala hall. It was an exciting trip, with a slight sunburn as a souvenir.


Zoo Zürich

Walk through the Masoala Hall

A bit of sunshine and lots of animals: T

he spectacled bear foraging for food, the coatis waiting until he was gone, the little panda observing us just as we observed him...

Simply a beautiful morning at the zoo!


Zoo Zürich

First visit of the new year

First visit in 2023! The weather is very changeable these days: first it was okay, then nice and sunny, and in the end it was wet and windy...

The animals were also rather sluggish, understandable. I would also prefer to retreat to a tree and snuggle into my fluffy fur!



review of the year 2022

To get familiar with my new camera, we often took walks along the Reppisch to the Marmoriweiher.

I didn't like uploading individual pictures, but not showing the pictures at all is also not great. That's why there is now a review of the whole year!


Zoo Zürich

Snow in the Zoo

Again, we were incredibly lucky, and we got to see the adorable snow leopard cubs being fed.


Zoo Zürich

Ruckus in the Lewa Savanna

Beautiful weather lured us to the zoo. We had lunch at the Lewa Savanna and were able to observe it.


Vogelpark Ambigua

September 30, 2022

Our last trip during our vacation was to the Vogelpark Ambigua (bird park).

We had a lot of fun trying to identify which birds were curiously observing us, and we were followed by the cockatoos, which I naturally took advantage of to take flight pictures of them.


Walter Zoo

September 22, 2022

During our vacation, we also visited the Walter Zoo. It's a cute zoo, especially for families with young children.

We were lucky with the little panda, as on our fourth pass by the enclosure, he was finally visible - and very close too!


Vogelpark Steinen


For my birthday, I received tickets to the Vogelpark Steinen. One of the reasons for the tickets were the two bird shows. Now we can say that the bird shows are really great! It was especially nice that several birds were allowed to fly at the same time.


Pumpkin Art

Jucker farm

One can hardly believe it, but Facebook pointed out to us that there are pumpkin exhibitions to be seen at the Jucker Farm. I took a closer look and that's how we decided to visit the artworks - and buy pumpkins.



in Bremgarten

We accidentally found out about the ArtWalk in Bremgarten - apparently this is already the sixth!


Anyway, we thought it was a cool idea, so we took my parents and walked from artwork to artwork through Bremgarten.


Zoo Zürich

Tiang Tang and Snow Leopard Cubs

The tred pandas are now three: Ting Tang has been busy exploring her new surroundings. During her rounds, she was watched by her colleagues up in the trees.


Zoo Zürich

Birthday visit to the Zoo

At my birthday we visited the zoo for a short time periode. The animals must have heared about it, then they were particularly active!


Zoo Zürich

Dusk at the Zoo

We love the zoo night: at dusk in the zoo implies a lot more activity of the animals!



Kerzers, Schweiz

On the way back from Lausanne, we stopped in Kerzers to visit the Papiliorama. I love the butterfly dome and the toucan in the tropical dome. If it weren't so hot - and if my feet had held up - I would have stayed for hours.



June 2022

As mentioned, we were in Lausanne for three days. On the second day, we not only visited Aquatis but also explored Lausanne itself.

My stamina is not yet back to normal, and Lausanne is situated on a hill... I only had enough energy to visit two of the parks, but they were really beautiful.




We were in Lausanne for three days. In the morning of our second day in Lausanne, we did go directly from the hotel into Aquatis - only a few meters.

The aquarium was designed with great attention to details and displays animals that I have never seen before.


Tropiquarium & Zoo


We were in Lausanne for three days. Our first stop during our trip was the Tropiquarium and Zoo in Servion.

The Tropiquarium is currently famous for the birth of an albino turtle. 

We saw it and it is so cute!




Above of Disentis you can find some quite cute waterwheels at the stream Clavaniev besides the small town Clavaniev. They are built from one of the villagers and were not promoted. Now, you can find them on Google if you search for "Wasserräder Clavaniev". If you are nearby, check them out - we think, it’s worth it!


Kloster Schönthal

The Swiss monastery Schönthal has a col­lection of art. Some is displayed inside the old church, others are arranged outside on the fields and in the woods. If you are not used to Switzerland’s up and downs, I re­constructed our path on geo.admin: 94 meters height difference. My six months of couch potato didn’t like it that much.



Regensberg is a small village near-ish our own home. We drove a few times through it, but never stopped to look at it.

Now, we finally did it! We drove to Regensberg to play tourist and stare at the castle and the historic view.



Holzkorporation Dietikon

The Holzkorporation Dietikon celebrates their 175th anniversary. For this occasion, the forest on the Honeret and Guggenbühl was made available for an woody art exhibition. We walked most of the forest tour on the Honeret and admired the different masterpieces.


Park Seleger Moor


We visited Park Seleger Moor again and this time, everything was blooming in different colors, especially the rhododendrons caught our attention with their big bushes - very different from our last visit when we came much later in the year.


Zoo Zürich

Wolves in a different way

Today, the wolves were in the enclosure of the tiger - and we were lucky to be in to zoo too!


Zoo Zürich

Winter magic at Zoo Zurich

We don't get snow very often in the "lowlands", so we quickly packed our camera and headed to the zoo to admire our favorite animals in the snow.


My Crochet Clique

This summer, I had the opportunity to borrow a Sony α 7R IV camera from a friend and try it out, along with a macro lens that I used to take photos of my crochet clique.

While I was impressed with the camera's performance, 61 megapixels is a bit too much for my needs...




We were also in the mountains quite often this year - but I definitely forgot the camera at home too many times... Nevertheless, thanks to the pretty good iPhone camera and a few visits with the camera, there are also some pictures to admire this year.


Treetop Walkway

The treetop walk has been on our list of places we would like to visit for a while. However, it's not easy to find a day in autumn when we have time and the sun is shining - the weather is a bit unpredictable.


Common Buzzard

We have one or two common buzzards here that fly close over our roof and whistle.

Usually, it ends with me trying to grab my camera in time. Finally, it worked because he took a break!


Skultpurenweg Reinach

2. Oktober 2021

On Saturday we spontaneously decided to visit the Skulpturenweg (sculpture path) in Reinach again. Besides the beautiful sculptures, we also saw many great birds, including a kite sitting on a flagpole in the allotment gardens.


Skulpturenpark Steinmaur

sculpture park


In late September, we took a short trip to the Skulpturenpark Steinmaur (a sculpture park). Here, various artists showcase their works.



September 18, 2021

This summer, one had to actively search for the sun... When it finally appeared in all its glory in the sky on September 18th, we decided to take a short trip to Bremgarten to stroll through the beautiful old town and along the Reuss.


Zoo Zürich

Museum Night at Zoo Zürich

We spent a few short hours during twilight at the Zurich Zoo.


Zoo Zürich

A little bit of Zoo before the Rain starts

This summer, the weather was unpredictable and often rainy... Today, we were lucky to take advantage of the few hours of "sun" and visit the zoo.


Lake Thun

June 20th to 22th, 2021

The situation has improved, but traveling abroad is still not particularly enticing. Luckily, during our last fall break, we discovered a small oasis of well-being that we used as a starting point for our short vacation. This led to three varied days at lake Thun.


Zoo Basel

June 18, 2021

The Zoo Basel is located in the middle of the city and is easily accessible. It was opened in 1874 and has been fascinating visitors ever since.


My personal favorite part of the zoo is the Vivarium right near the main entrance.


Freiämter Sagenweg

path of the lores

On May 16th, we explored the Freiämter Sagenwegen near Waltenschwil for a few hours during "sunshine". It is a well-designed path with twelve different art installations, each representing a different legend. The text of the legend is displayed next to the artwork.


Zoo Zürich

Nibble, nibble, little mouse... Who is nibbling there?

Interestingly, we always manage to observe some animals during feeding time. This time, we were able to see the otters, although not while they were eating, but playing instead.




This year, I went to the mountains more often than usual to keep my great-aunt company - although the circumstances are sad, the visits were always a happy occasion.


Limmat Boardwalk

Fall Walk

Beautiful fall weather with colorful foliage and blue skies drew us to the banks of the Limmat.


While the walk was on the shorter side and the start along the highway a bit noisy, it was worth it and provided a lovely respite.


Zoo Zürich

Animal Action

We had a wonderful autumn day at Zoo Zurich. Luckily, we were able to watch the snow leopards being fed and there was plenty of animal activity going on.



September 14th to 16th, 2020

This year everything is different, even the vacations. Fortunately, Switzerland is such a beautiful country and there are so many beautiful places we haven't visited yet.


While having the car checked, we explored the area and then head towards Lake Thun!



July 6th to 19th, 2020

Europe is slowly getting a grip on the Corona situation, but it is still better to stay in one's own country.


However, everyone still needs vacation time, and Switzerland is a beautiful country! That's why this year, vacations will be spent close to home.


Vivarium Tablat

July 12, 2020

The Vivarium Tablat is small and very beautiful. It focuses on the diversity of native amphibians and reptiles.


Bruderhaus Wildlife Park

July 12, 2020

The Bruderhaus Wildlife Park is located in Winterthur and has an interesting selection of animals.

We had a lot of fun and recommend it, but definitely only for early risers, otherwise all parking spots are gone!


Zoo Zürich

Lewa Savanne

First visit to the newly opened Lewa Savanna and we were very lucky:

The rhinos, giraffes, and zebras were very close!


Zoo Zürich

Red Panda

Very, very short visit to visit our favorite animals, the red pandas.


Zoo Zürich

New Year, New Luck

The Zoo Zürich is the zoological garden of Zurich. It was opened in 1929 and is located above the city on the Zurichberg.


2020 was our first year with annual passes - and many short visits and great little moments.




One year, four visits to Disentis and the surrounding area.


I love the Swiss Alps, and especially this area.



October 14th to November 1st, 2019

When is the ideal time to go on vacation in Japan? Apparently, two days after the most devastating typhoon in 60 years hit the main island of Japan...

At least we knew afterwards that I needed a new rain jacket - always look at the bright side of life!


Edinburgh, Scotland

September 23 to 27, 2018

We have decided to take a long weekend as a "trial vacation" in Scotland to find out if we really like the country, and behold, we do! Even though Edinburgh can be a bit touristy...



a journey through time

After many years of break, it was finally time again for a photoshoot with Nyctea!


This time, the desired theme is "Vikings".



September 10th to August 18th, 2017

I've been to Japan in the winter and during cherry blossom season in the spring. Four years later, it was time for summer: from Osaka to Hiroshima, then to Kyūshū, and finally Nagasaki and Huis Ten Bosch.


And yes, the weather was pleasantly warm!


Papiliorama Kerzers

The Papiliorama in Kerzers is known for its butterfly dome: Inside the dome, over 1,000 exotic butterflies fly freely around visitors in a lush tropical garden.


I become like a little child in a candy store every time I visit!



September, 2016

Student life has its beautiful sides: another long weekend to travel!
This time the trip went to Leipzig.


Zoo Leipzig


Zoo Leipzig is one of the best zoos in Europe and the best zoo in Germany. And with a size of 26 hectares, you can walk your feet flat.



June 25th to July 2nd, 2016

How did my mother convince me to take a second vacation to Iceland?

With puffins!!!


And yes, she really had to convince me, the sulfur smell in Iceland is not my thing...



April 2016

Thanks to the SBB offer, another short trip over the weekend, this time to Venice.


Butterfly House

Vienna, Austria

This small, hidden butterfly house is basically the mini version of Papiliorama and is definitely worth a visit!


Schönbrunn Zoo

Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna is the oldest existing zoo in the world. We visited it during our city trip and found it really great!


City Trip

July 4th to 14th, 2015

With an InterRail pass, we embarked on a 10-day city trip from Nuremberg to Prague to Vienna.



January 29th to February 3rd, 2015

My parents took us to Essaouira to celebrate my successful Bachelor's degree. We didn't get to sleep in, but it was still an interesting and relaxing vacation.


Skultpurenweg Reinach

November 16, 2014

What you discover when you have visitors and want to entertain them... That includes the Skulpturenweg Reinach sculpture path in the neighborhood!



April 25th & 26th, 2014

A short weekend trip to Bellinzona. On the first day, we climbed up to the two castles, and on the second day, we made a detour to the falconry in Locarno.


"Die Bannerlosen"

a reenactment group

A small reenactment group called "Die Bannerlosen" (the bannerless) asked me to take some photos of their group - of course I said yes!


Laupen and the Castle

27. Oktober 2013

A day trip to castle in Laupen was the plan, but it turned into more of a visit to the village with a stop at the castle.

The weather was also on the stormy side, but fortunately, we didn't get wet.



30. August 2013

Crazy day trip with my parents to France to visit the construction site "Guédelon".

Definitely interesting and highly recommended!



Easter 2013

Few months after my first trip, I immediately set out for Japan again:


Cherry Blossoms



January 25th to February 17th, 2013

My first trip to Japan. A beautiful country where I felt really comfortable - of course, I also had a very special tour guide!

The weather was surprisingly good, except when the cold wind added to the cold temperature, it became a little uncomfortable.



based on Shakespeare’s "Hamlet"

What happens when students pay attention in class?

An Ophelia photoshoot at the river!


Aquarium of Genoa

July 2012

The aquarium of Genoa is the largest in Europe. We visited it during our long weekend in Genoa, Italy.


Genoa, Italy

July 2012

A rather spontaneous, long weekend in Genoa, Italy - thanks to a summer promotion by the Swiss Federal Railways. Both Genoa itself and the aquarium were worth visiting.


Rhine Falls

July 4, 2012

A short day trip to the Rhine Falls. The Rhine Falls are already very impressive, but we were there at a time when there were additional masses of water - so strong that certain viewing platforms were "undermined."



After the group shooting with the LARP group "Amaroqianer," I stayed in touch with one of the members, and we arranged another photoshoot. This time, the theme was "post-apocalyptic."



I was asked if I was interested in a cosplay photoshoot. Of course, I was!

It was definitely something different, and I am happy with the end result.



Feburary 2012

Together with my mother and a travel group, we went on a hunt for the Northern Lights. We were lucky: the first day had moderate activity, so we could learn everything important without missing anything. The following nights were when it really started happening. And during the day, we hunted for other things...


Glacier Express

January 2012

Last minute change of plans, not by our own doing, but due to an issue with the SBB:

Instead of riding the Glacier Express on our way to the destination, we ended up zigzagging through Switzerland and missing every single connection - all because of a small issue with the tracks near Dietikon.



LARP group

A full-day photoshoot with the LARP group "Amaroqianer".


Snow Flurry

Shooting in the snow in December. We were lucky, it was foggy but "in the background", which actually added to the atmosphere of the pictures - plus there was no freezing wind, so we humans were also happy.


Tinker Family

Before the first snow arrived, there was one last autumn photoshoot with a cute Tinker horse and its owner.


Friesian Power

Photo shooting with a beautiful Friesian horse and its wonderful owner! The weather was beautiful, so the shoot took up the whole day.


Trip along the Rhine

June 2011

My last short trip before a long period of studying for my exams begins. Together with my mother, we drove along the Rhine and explored various castles - we even stayed in one - until we reached the Burger Zoo at the top in the Netherlands.




In theory, we wanted to see the famouse lavender fields. Unfortunately, we had the kind of luck where we heard "they have already faded" and "they are yet to come" at the same time.

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful weekend in Provence!


Phoenix & Bosten

April 2010

Our trip was supposed to be for a single week. A few days for a conference, some days afterwards to enjoy the USA and then back home. 

Well, iceland had other plans: We had to add additional days in Bosten. They were cold, wet and unpleasant...



7. - 16. July 2009

My first trip to Iceland! Our first journey followed the Ring Road, so we saw "a little bit of everything" - with ulterior motives to learn what we like best, for the next time.

However, sulfur fields are definitely not one of them...


Poeny Girl

A small, very spontaneous photoshoot with a friend and the peony in our garden.