23. July 2020

Finally, after two years of no updates, my webpage received its do-over and is now back with a new look and more content possibilities besides of my pictures. I still think my pictures are beautiful, but I grew and have other stuff I would like to share. So, after many of years, the focus of my webpage changed from "pictures only" to a lot more! Because of the topic change, the language also switched a little. The main language will be English, but I will try to translate as much as possible. The only exceptions: my photo albums will remain in German only.

Part of the new content will be about Programming. The topic scope is not set in stone, I can imagine to post about code snippets which I think could be helpful for others too, or some "research" I did on some functionality and want to share my findings, or anything in between.

In addition, at my current work at Balzano Informatik AG, I write blog posts for our big ScanDiags project. I will share with you, when new posts are published there.

At least, there is only one thing left to say: I wish you all a good stay on my new webpage!


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