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I've tinkered a bit here, crafted a bit there, and improved things all around.


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How bad is lactose intolerance really?

You probably already have heard of lactose intolerance and know a bit about it. But did you know, that lactose is added to powdered condiment and spice mixtures? That "lactose-free" on a product does not mean zero lactose, but that it contains less than a certain threshold someone defined?


What I do
with my photos

I’m often asked what I do with all the photos I take, where do I store them and how do I organize them

In the past, it was more a topic between (hobby-)photographers, to find out the best way to handle our photos. Today, with smartphones, everyone will ask this questions at some point.


Thank you!

to all the amazing people who supported me

The last few months were exhausting. After years I was finally diagnosed with adenomyosis. Today, I want to say “Thank you!” to all the amazing people around me who supported me and lent me their strength. In this blog post, I wrote a little bit more about the different ways how they supported me.



more content

In the cold months of the year, I noticed I do a lot less photography than in the summer. But, does that mean I’m lazy in the winter? Probably, but still, I do a lot of creative stuff! I love to crochet and painting and other creative stuff. And since this day, I will share my projects with you - and hope you enjoy them as I do.


New Layout
More Content

In the last two years, I didn’t do much on my page - sorry for that!

The page was only focused purely on photography, something I wanted to change for a long time. Now, some nice side effect of Covid-19, I had finally time for a do-over and introduce this new version with new possibilities!