18. May 2021


The pattern was originally discovered on ravelry and designed by Sarah Hearn.



One evening, shortly after the first octopus joined us, I was a little bored... and since then Sir Octus - and his brother - wear hats. The two hats are slightly different, one has a larger brim, the other is more elongated. The hat is crocheted in rounds. Personally, I linked the rounds with a slip stitch and turned. However, it works just as well if you simply crochet in a spiral.


R1 5 sc in a magic ring, join with a slip stitch. (= 5 sts)
R2 2 sc in next st, repeat around. (= 10 sts)
R3 1 sc in the back loop of each st. (= 10 sts)
R4++ 1 sc in each st. (= 10 sts)

Repeat until you reach desired height. I crocheted 3 rows for the smaller hat and 5 rows for the longer one.


2 sc in the front loop of the next st, repeat around. (= 20 sts)

R6 1 sc, 2 sc in next st, repeat around. (= 30 sts)


If your brim is becoming wavy, it is probably because we all crochet differently - for example, I tend to crochet very tight stitches. You can try to decrease the amount of increases, which should be enough. For example, instead of doubling the number of stitches in R5, you can increase only in every other stitch (as described in R6).


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