01. July 2023


My idea notebook filled with nothing but hieroglyphics that I probably won't be able to decipher myself in a year.


I first crocheted the flower pattern/lace for the neckline, and then proceeded to crochet the top accordingly...


It was quite a laborious task, but it was worth it:

The neckline fits perfectly and the dress fits like a glove!


I had seen a cute flower dress on Pinterest, although it looked more like a winter dress with a low neckline... Who wears long sleeves with a deep back cut in the summer? Nevertheless, I loved the idea of the flower lace and the neckline so much that I convinced my cousin (it took me about 10 seconds) to let me crochet something similar for her.

I took her measurements and started crocheting. A few months later, the skirt was finished, and shortly after, the top was completed as well. At first, we weren't sure if the dress should have sleeves or not, but given the current temperatures, she's glad it's airy and sleeveless.

During the fitting, we also did a little mini photoshoot to capture the dress in the best light:





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