24. June 2021


This cute donkey "Joe" is the sixth animal pattern that I crocheted from Hoooked. The donkey is crocheted more or less the same as the unicorn Nora, only the ears are obviously a bit different.


Reading & Understanding

Just like the turtle Jake, this pattern is also easy to understand. The formulations are different from before, but it is understandable and as far as I've seen: error-free. I'm curious if error-free patterns are the future and Hoooked has improved their system. Only the legs are a bit complicated again - as with Nora and Mo.


Bodys & Legs

  • I crochet round 4 in the back loop only. This helps Joe to stand a bit better.
  • The legs are "finished" after round 6, not after round 5.
  • The joining is again difficult to understand, but I wouldn't know a better phrasing either. The pattern for Mo was worse, back then I tried my own phrasing including pictures.



Two small notes:

  • There is more than enough yarn, I was able to crochet two Joes without a problem and the yarn is probably enough for at least one more.
  • I practically crochet all animals (except unicorn Elena) with a hook size of 4.5mm. Since I had so much yarn left over - and I'm curious - I crocheted the second Joe with a hook size of 5.5mm. The only difference is that he has a thicker belly and sturdier legs.

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