27. May 2023


Bee Buttons

made of Fimo

made by me

I am currently crocheting a children's jacket in a honeycomb (hexagon) pattern. Of course, it needs equally cute and special buttons to match the jacket.


So, I made sweet daisy buttons out of Fimo and added a little bee on half of them.



I  have a huge stash of thin yarn, including several skeins of light yellow. Pinterest inspired me to crochet an adorable honeycomb jacket for children. I also added cute bee appliques and sweet flower-shaped buttons.


I made relatively small hexagons with a diameter of about 7 cm. This means I needed 93 hexagons, along with 2 half hexagons and 1 2/3 hexagon. In total, I attached 8 bee appliques: two on the front, two on the back, and one on each arm. I have prepared a tutorial for the bee appliques, providing both a crochet chart (see slideshow) and written instructions.


Bee Appliqué

R1 1 sc (= 1sc)
R2 inc (= 2sc)
R3 1 sc, inc (= 3sc)
  switch to yellow:

inc, 1 sc, inc (= 5sc)

R5-7 5 sc (= 5sc)
  switch to blck:

inc, 2 sc, inc (= 7sc)

R9-11 7 sc (= 7sc)
  switch to yellow:

dec, 3 sc, dec (= 5sc)


dec, 1 sc, dec (= 3sc)



5 sc in magic ring (= 5sc)


*inc* (= 10sc)

R3 *1 sc, inc* (= 15sc)
R4 *inc, 2 sc* (= 20sc)


  antenna (2x)
  • 6 chains 
  • 5 sc (second chain from the hook)
  • 3 hdc in the same chain as the last sc


  wing (2x)
  • 6 chains
  • 1 hdc (in second chain from the hook), 3 dc
  • 5 dc in last chain

continue on the backside:

  • 3 dc, 1 hdc

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